About the company

Our mission is to enhance the development and manufacture of our clients and partners
Heron3d is a brand of the German company GreenWork GmbH. We manufacture 3D printers
Heron 3D Extruder
H3D Filament Dryer
Our filament dryers for 3D printers
Part of the Heated Print Bed
Magnetic printing plate
Stainless steel magnetic plate for better adhesion to the first layer
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3D Printed Hose for the Automotive Cooling System
Cohesion in 3D printing
Influence of the thermostated chamber on the cohesion between the layers
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Heron 3D Extruder
Our ISO 9001 and CE certificates
Conformity assessment and quality management
Heron 3D Extruder
Extruder construction
Technical information about our 3D printers with one and two extruders.
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Heron 3D Extruder
New product: Heron3D 600HT
Thermostated chamber and working area 600x600x600 mm
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Heron3D —
The company is named after Heron of Alexandria. He was one of the greatest engineers in history. He was the first to create programmable devices. Back then, it was a shaft with pins and a rope wound around it. Two thousand years later, complex programmable devices such as 3D printers have become capable of creating unique products.

The mission of Heron3D is to enhance the development and manufacture of our clients and partners.
Company principles
Our principles help us to effectively achieve our goals
Continuous improvement
We are certain that a company can achieve truly outstanding success only when it is constantly engaged in the development and improvement of all aspects within the company, such as business processes, people, and products
Scientific approach
We are confident that problems are most effectively solved using a scientific approach. We use principles proven by global experience. At the same time, we concentrate our efforts on the development of new ideas
Sustainable development
We are building a company solely on principles consistent with the idea of sustainable development and we are convinced that every modern company should do the same
Live and learn
Our development is largely based on the continuous training of the team. Each our employee constantly allots time to training in order to be ready to face new challenges
People make the difference
Our team is carefully selected from excellent specialists in their respective fields. Each of them participates in regular internships. And also devotes time to training new personnel
Our team
  • Tatjana
    Managing Director
  • Ewald
    Sales Manager
  • Dmitrii Shakhovskii
    Dipl. engineer
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